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HOLBROOK, ARIZONA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Holbrook, AZ - Wigwam Village Motel    (Not Rated)   

Address:  811 WEST HOPI DRIVE                   Phone:  (928) 524-3048

Location/ Directions: On the south side of US Hwy 180 (old Route 66) between 7th and 8th Aves.  

Average Price (Checked Feb 2012):   $58.00                                 AAA Rated:  NO        Stars: (n/a)

About Hotel: 1-Floor, 15-Rooms, Exterior Corridor wigwams (teepees), each wigwam comes with a full bathroom and shower, cable TV, Heat and Air Conditioning. Prices are very reasonable compared to hotel/motel rooms. There are some vintage cars located around the property.

Railroad View: No view from inside the wigwams, but you can step outside to a good railroad view. 

Railroads past Hotel:  BNSF Railway/ Amtrak.  BNSF TransCon mainline with over 60 trains during a 24-hour period.


Comments:  Built in 1950, this is a historic motel listed on the National Register of Historical Places in 2002  This motel has not been rated by RailfanMotels.com 

Photo Comment:  Looking down 7th Avenue, the Wigwam Motel is seen to the left, and a freight train is seen passing down the road.  A chain link fence surrounds the motel, limiting how far you can go when you hear a train coming.