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MONTEZUMA, GEORGIA -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Montezuma, GA - Budget Inn  (Not Rated)

Address:     203 W Railroad St                 Phone: (478) 472-7541

Location/ Directions:  

Average Price (Checked Aug 2011):   n/a                                  AAA Rated:   n/a       Stars: (n/a)

About Hotel: 1-Floor, 17-Rooms, Exterior Corridors, no other info provided.

Railroad View:  Excellent View!  Single track railroad across the street, clear view.  The motel only has small room windows which are high on the wall.  You will likely need to open the door to watch passing trains.  All rooms on the railroad side of the building will give you an excellent railroad view.  The old train station building is just down the street, within walking distance.

Railroads past Hotel:  CSX / Norfolk Southern  

Notes:    In April 2011, records indicate this property was sold to a new owner.  This property isn't listed on the internet.

Comments:  This motel has not been rated by RailfanMotels.com

Photo Comment:  This picture taken from East Railroad Street is looking at the Budget Inn Motel (yellow painted building) from the Southeast side of the railroad.  Note the room windows are very small, and located near the ceiling.  You will likely have to open the door to watch a passing train.  There are railroad grade crossings both east and west of this motel.  As long as the trains blow for the crossings, you should have advance warnings of approaching train.