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CHESTER, MASSACHUSETTS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Chester, MA - Chester Railway Station Caboose Rental   (Not Rated) 

 This is not a hotel / motel.  The Chester Foundation owns the Chester Railway Station & Museum.  Former Rutland Railway caboose # 32 built in 1919 has been restored and bares New York Central markings.  The caboose is available for overnight stays concidered a camping experiance.  Why camping?  Because there is no electrcity in the caboose (but its available according to their web site), No heat/air-conditioning, No fixed bedding - you need to bring a sleeping bag / air matrice. No lighting, No kitchen, No Bathroom (Restroom provided inside station building with 24-hour access for caboose campers).  Outdoor picnic tables are available for cooking/eating.  We list the caboose because its located next to CSX's Boston Line that runs from Selkirk, NY to Boston, MA.  The train station located near the caboose is a great place to spend time watching passing trains. 

Address: 10 Prospect Street                         Phone: (413) 354-7878           Web Site: Chester Railway Station Caboose Rental

Location/ Directions: Take the Mass Pike to exit 3 in Westfield then take Rte. 20 west or take the Mass Pike to exit 2 in Lee, then take Rte. 20 east.

Average Price (Checked Jun 2014): $60.00 for the night, or $100.00 for the weekend.                 AAA Rated: No         Stars: (n/a)

About Hotel: 1-Caboose (1919 wooden caboose), You will need to supply your own sleeping bags, air mattresses, Battery lanterns, etc.  There is a list of rules which include: No fires of any kind inside the caboose, no alcohol, no pets.  There is no electric, no bathroom, no cooking, no heat, no air-conditioning inside the caboose.  No TV, No Telephone on site.  Many cell phones will not work in Chester.  Picnic tables outside the caboose can be used for cooking/eating.  Pretty much all you get is a roof over your head in the form of a caboose and a view of the CSX Boston Line

Railroad View: Excellent View of CSX Transportations Boston Line.  View from the caboose or better yet, the train staions elevated platform makes an idea train watching location.  Light for photography is best in the morning hours.  But a short walk across the track (using the public grade crossing) will put you on the west side of the railroad for afternoon photos.

Railroads past Hotel: CSX (Expect around 10-12 CSX trains during a 24-hour period) / Amtrak (trains # 448 & 449 daily).


Comments:  This motel has not been rated by RailfanMotels.com

Photo Comment: Top photo shows the caboose interior.  Up to 12-people can fit in the caboose during a nightly stay. 


Bottom photo: The CSX Boston Line is double tracked past the station.  This morning photo catches both a eastbound & westbound train meeting in Chester.