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ESSEX, MONTANA -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Essex, MT - Izaak Walton Inn 

Address:   Izaak Walton Inn Road          Phone: 406-888-5700

Web Site:  http://www.izaakwaltoninn.com/

Location/ Directions: Drive scenic US HWY2 to milepost 180 (halfway between East and West Glacier) and there the 1/2 mile side-road will take you directly to the Inn.

Average Price (Checked Apr 2015):   $120.00 +                                

AAA Rated:   NO       Stars: (n/a)

About Hotel: A Historic Railroad Inn, The Inn has a reputation for providing a warm, friendly, clean, home-away-from-home experience and is an ideal choice for family vacations.  We have a variety of lodging options to suit guests.  The rooms at the Izaak Walton Inn have been remodeled to offer vintage charm, private bathrooms and a true feel for the Inn’s railway history. Rooms do not have televisions or telephones.  Stay in one of the Inn's railway caboose rentals, or six new family cabins. For those who want to go all out, stay in the unique F45 locomotive # 441, their luxury cabin rental.  The cabooses & cabins offer a woodsy setting adjacent to their hiking trails. The front desk is only staffed until 9pm.

Railroad View:  Excellent.  The BNSF Railway passes the lodge using the former Great Northern Railway mainline.  A small yard next to the Inn stations the helper engines for the line.  The Amtrak station is just to the east - within walking distance (The Inn provides shuttle service to/from the Amtrak station)  Only rooms on the rear of the Inn and GN # 441 (locomotive luxury cabin) offer a railroad view.  Cabooses & log cabin guest will not have a railroad view, but is just a short walk to reach track side.  Railroad noise from mthe Inn in minimal, not enough to wake most people.  Windows do open with or without the screen. 

Railroads past Hotel:  BNSF Railway / Amtrak. Expect 20-24 trains during a 24-hour period on this line.

Railroad Radio Frequency:  161.250 - BNSF Glacier Dispatcher 

Railfanning Essex: RailfanLocations - Essex

Notes:  Beyond very nice, I give the staff two-thumbs up!  A pedestrian bridge near the Inn lets you photograph trains from a different angle.  Glacier National Park is nearby; arranged sightseeing tours originate from the Inn.  Although I drove here, the best way to travel here is by train! 

Comments:      This is a great place, everyone should visit Izaak Walton Inn at least once in their life, as well as tour Glacier National Park.  The area is not cheap, food, gas, lodging, and sightseeing is more expensive then New York City.  Izaak Walton Inn pricing is slightly upscale for the area.  While prices are high, I didn't find the offering to be worth the extra money, the dining room was expensive and the small amount of food we were was served left us hungry.  Also, heat is not provided until the temperature dips pretty low.  During my most recent stay, the September temps dipped into the mid 40's at night, and there was no heat, it wasn't a pleasant memory.  But even with a few drawbacks I will return again in the future, and I highly recommend the visit! 

Photo Comments:   (Above) A view from the pedestrian bridge in Essex. 

(Upper right) Great Northern # 441, an F45 locomotive that was converted into a luxury cabin by the Izaak Walton Inn.


 Inside room # 3 located on the first floor of the Izaak Walton Inn, one double bed, one single bed in a small but well appointed room.




View from room # 3 - A westbound double stack train lead by a few GE wide nose locomotives. Photo below this shows a passing auto-rack train from inside the slide up window.






 (Bottom left) BNSF engines pass while I'm having breakfast in the dining room.














    Within walking distance of Amtrak's Essex, MT train station.