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SUTHERLAND, NEBRASKA -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sutherland, NE - Park Motel   (Not Rated)

Address:   1110 1st Street                   Phone: (308) 386-4384

Location/ Directions:  Located on US-30 (Lincoln Highway) in downtown Sutherland.

Average Price (Checked Jan 2012):   n/a                                  AAA Rated:   n/a       Stars: (n/a)

About Hotel: 1-Floor, 19-Rooms, Exterior Corridors, No other information is available.

Railroad View: Excellent View!  All rooms in this motel will have a railroad view.  Railroad tracks are just across the street. Across from the motel is a town park, named "Railroad Park" located along the mainline.  A fenced in pedestrian bridge is also across from the motel and can be used for photos and video of passing trains.

Railroads past Hotel:  Union Pacific Railroad.  UP mainline, expect 50+ trains during a 24-hour period. This rail line consists of traffic between North Platte, Cheyenne and points west.  A majority of traffic consists of intermodal, automobiles, merchandise and grain trains.  This is not the busy coal train route.  Most coal trains join this mainline a couple miles east of here.

Notes:    This is the closest railfan motel to North Platte, NE.

Comments:  This is an older style Motor Inn.  Unpaved parking lot.  I confirmed the location & view of the railroad, but I have not stayed here.  This motel has not been rated by RailfanMotels.com

Photo Comment:  The Google satellite view shows the Park Motel circled in yellow.  The Union Pacific Railroad mainline is marked in red, you can see a train as well in the photo.  The blue circle marks the location of the pedestrian bridge.  The bridge is useful for taking photographs and video of passing trains.