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EVENSTON, WYOMING -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Evenston, WY - Americas Best Value Inn & Suites  (Not Rated)

Address:   70 Bear River Drive                   Phone:  (307) 789-7510  

Location/ Directions:  

Average Price (Checked Apr 2011):   n/a                                  AAA Rated:    NO      Stars: (n/a)

About Hotel: -2Floors, 85-Rooms, Interior Corridors, No other info provided.

Railroad View:  Fair to Poor View.  In this motel, the further you are away from the railroad, the BETTER view you will have.  A building next door blocks the immediate view from the rooms closer to the tracks.  The railroad view is in the distance, at an angle.  Binoculars are needed to read locomotive numbers, decent still photos are not achievable from this motel.

Railroads past Hotel:  Union Pacific.

Notes:    As of April 2011, this motel is no longer listed on ABVI's website.  We have also crossed checked the address, and can't find it listed under another name.  Previously, this motel was an Econo Lodge.

Comments:    This motel has not been rated by RailfanMotels.com

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